A Driving Passion

Welcome to our new revised EAS website. I hope that you’ll return here often to learn more about your car, get important tips on preventive maintenance, and find helpful advice that will improve your automotive experience.

You drive a BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper because you have a passion and respect for good mechanical things. So do we.

The most important point you should know about EAS is . . . we treat your car just like it was our own. That’s why we’ve chosen to be specialists in these cars. In fact, most of us here drive a BMW, Mercedes or Mini.

Like most cars, preventive maintenance is the key, and it’s even more important with these three high-tech brands. The last thing you need is to get behind on the proper care and maintenance of one of these cars and end up with more expensive repairs. We’re specialists in helping you prevent that.

At EAS, we’ve been working on these German engineered cars for more than 31 years now. So, we’ve pretty much seen it all. We know their weaknesses, strengths, idiosyncrasies, quirks, what’s important, and what can wait. We understand how to prioritize the long-term care of your car.

At EAS, we work with you to keep your car running its best, and we only work with a select list of proven suppliers, whether it’s replacement parts, body work, tires, alignment, glass, whatever your vehicle needs.

It’s really simple. EAS is your proven, one-stop repair and maintenance shop that provides the quality, experience and long-term affordability you need for your driving passion. We look forward to working with you. So come on in and visit with us about your car. We share your passion.

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