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EAS Now Recommends LIQUI MOLY Oil Additives to Improve Protection and Performance.

At EAS, we’ve always believed in preventive maintenance. It is critically important today with BMW, Mercedes and Mini autos.  That’s why we highly recommend regular oil changes and vehicle inspections.  And it’s also why EAS recently became a LIQUI MOLY distributor.

LIQUI MOLY was founded in 1957 in Ulm, Germany. Molybdenum sulfide, the basic ingredient of the LIQUI MOLY oil additive, was discovered in the shops of the US Army in post-war Germany. These shops sold a can under the brand name LIQUI MOLY that contained the liquified form of the solid lubricant molybdenum sulfide (MoS2). When added to motor oil, this substance ensures emergency running characteristics in the event of a sudden loss of oil.

Additives are vitamins for your car. It won’t work without them. They ensure cleaning and corrosion protection, providing for stable lubrication and temperature resistance.

Even simple mineral motor oils, which no longer come close to meeting the requirements of today’s motors, are up to 15% additives. Modern oils, such as fully synthetic motor oils, are even up to 30%. Virtually every time you fuel your car, you add additives. Modern motor fuels are packed with additives to increase knock resistance, or to make diesel less sensitive to below zero temperatures.

With LIQUI MOLY additives, you protect your motor, reduce your fuel consumption and save cash. LIQUI MOLY oil additives clean the motor from the inside, minimize friction and wear, reduce oil consumption and protect against corrosion. They are suitable for both gasoline and diesel motors, and help to recreate the original performance of your vehicle motor.

LIQUI MOLY additives have a common benefit: they clean and care for the entire motor and fuel system, which optimizes combustion and compression in today’s high tech engines. Even better, they help increase the lifespan of the motor and reduce fuel consumption.

LIQUI MOLY offers a matching motor oil for every vehicle in the world. LIQUI MOLY motor oils have a variety of approvals by German and overseas car manufacturers, or fulfill all requirements of car builders.

To learn more about the benefits of LIQUI MOLY, ask us how this exceptional group of additive products can improve performance and help you keep your special car on the road longer.


Great Automotive Service Requires Mutual Trust

At EAS, we like to build a trustful relationship with our customers.  Many of them have come to EAS for a long time, and we work on cars often 5, 10, 15 or more years old –which makes preventive maintenance even more important.

Many of our EAS Technicians have worked here for years and we always assign the same crew to your car, so there’s a continuity of service.  We want you to trust us and talk to us about your car, how your drive it, where it’s kept, what you expect from your car, and why you bought this model. Quite often, customers stop by EAS just chat about their cars, so we both learn more.

BMW and Mercedes autos are built to deliver in excess of 200,000 miles of lifetime service.  Many EAS customers have a passion for premium German cars, and plan to drive them for years.  It’s clear these cars need special attention and preventive maintenance.  Or, as one longtime EAS customer said recently, “Make sure you keep up with it, or it’ll eat you alive!”

How To Budget For Preventive Maintenance

One of the principles of automotive repairs is that you should budget 3-5% of the car’s original cost each year for repairs and service — the more expensive the car is to begin, the more expensive it is to repair.  Fram’s famous tagline should have really been “Pay me now, or pay me a LOT more later.”

With regular oil changes and inspections, we can keep a close eye your vehicle’s systems.  We often note items that need service in the future on your Repair Order, so you can plan your maintenance accordingly.

One example is brake wear.  We may note that your brakes are down to 20% of their pad life on your disc brakes.  You could schedule maintenance soon, or dismiss it for a month or two until the brakes start squeaking or grinding a lot.  That can change a $300-500 job into a $1,000-1,500 repair very fast.

These cars have sophisticated warning and monitoring systems for all kinds of engine and component parameters.  When a warning light comes on, give EAS a call right away.  It might be something as simple as a loose connection, but it might also be more serious.

EAS uses only factory-approved advanced diagnostic tools and parts to make sure your car stays on the road and not in the shop.

Preventive Maintenance: Never More Important

Many customers today recall the famous Fram Oil Filters commercials with the tagline, “Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later.”  And, of course, Ben Franklin’s legendary “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  In the automotive repair world, those words should be engraved in gold on every service counter.

The key to successful ownership of a BMW, Mercedes or Mini is good, comprehensive, regular maintenance.  Period.  Full stop.

Engine service, transmission service, brake system flush, and oil service at 5,000 miles are critical. It doesn’t matter if you’re the original owner, and it’s even more important if you’re the second or third owner because you may not know the full service history.

BMW, Mercedes and Mini, the three brands we service exclusively (and other imports), have a reputation for expensive repairs.  But, the simple truth is that all cars today, with their computer controls, electronics, sophisticated high tech engines and components, are expensive to repair.

At EAS, let us use our 36-year record of serving these brands to help you keep your car in topnotch condition.

The Ultimate Riding Machine

You hear about it constantly on the news, how new adaptive technologies and autonomous self-driving cars will be changing everything. We already have emergency self-braking systems, lane departure warning lights, auto park assist, back-up cameras, rain-sensing wipers, adaptive lights and cruise controls.  

At EAS, we know how these systems work so that your vehicle’s automated systems work seamlessly to make your driving experience more enjoyable and safe. You can’t stop technology or progress, but at EAS we can help make it work better for you.  

The Future in Electric and Hybrid Cars

There is no doubt that battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid (gas and electric) auto technologies are on the streets.  Not just at BMW, Mercedes and Mini Cooper, but every auto manufacturer is committed to these technologies.  

At EAS, we’re staying abreast of these trends and can advise you on purchasing new and used vehicles that have these high-tech systems. We know what to look for, what to expect, which ones are best, and if one is right for you and your family.

So if you aren’t sure about the new technology of cars today, and you’re ready to buy a new or used BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper that is equipped with these new systems, give us a call here at EAS today.

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