Treating a Corporate/Dealer Monopoly in Car Repair

One aspect of modern car repair is how automotive brand manufacturers are increasingly “pushing” car repairs to drive customers back to dealerships. This provides them enhanced profits because they have limited or exclusive parts distribution and strict maintenance and warranty programs that often conflict with the consumer’s rights and needs.  

EAS has a proud 35 year “Independent Shop” record of experience. We work on behalf of our clients, not the manufacturers. We will provide you the same level of expertise as the dealership with a more personal touch.

Humans vs. The Machines — We’re on Your Side

At EAS, we hear it all the time.  Customers love the advanced technologies in their cars, but they don’t know how to deal with the “robots.” That’s why EAS is here.

When you don’t know how to handle those “robots,” it can be a constant battle to properly diagnose the cars of today. EAS has decades of training and experience with BMW, Mercedes and Mini Cooper. We are here to battle those “robots” for you.  We are well-versed in the technological advances of your car and can help you learn the things you need to know about maintaining it.  
We will explain what’s going on and how to use the technology of your car so that you can stay in control of the “robots” to get the most out of them.

The High Cost of Low Maintenance

These days, we all need to get the most for our hard earned money, but how do you get the most value for what you pay for when it comes to car repairs? Shopping around for the best price is fine, but it’s not always the lowest price that gets the best results.  While you can save money on your car repairs by taking your BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper to any garage, you might end up with more expensive repairs if they haven’t been trained and or have the “hands on” experience with your car brand.  
Here at EAS, we will always work with customers to provide a comprehensive maintenance plan that spots problems before they occur. We offer nearly 35 years of experience in the business, and can help you prioritize your car’s repairs to save you money, keep you safe and your car on the road.

Braking New Ground to Help Stop Your Car

It doesn’t matter how fast your car is if you can’t stop it.  German cars have excellent braking systems, but they require regular maintenance and upkeep. The best person to do this for you is a well-trained and experienced technician for BMW, Mercedes and Mini Cooper vehicles.  That’s why EAS should be your first choice for brake maintenance.

We have the expertise in brake repairs for BMW, Mercedes and Mini Coopers. We have been trained and keep up with new technologies in ceramic brake pads, noise suppression, special rotors, and brake dust control. There are high-tech specs to be followed when working on the brake system for German cars that are critical in making sure they are maintained properly. Never trust your BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper to anyone that isn’t trained and experienced to work on it.

Listen to Your Car — It “Talks” to You

Modern materials, design, manufacturing process and engineering today provide a beautiful, comfortable, impressive ride. But it can also make it hard to “hear” if your car’s engine is telling you something, like misfiring, or difficult to hear brakes squealing or the suspension system rattling.

Oftentimes, when a car is having a problem, it will make specific sounds and those are sounds a mechanic needs to know when you take your car to the shop. From time to time, turn everything off in your BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper and drive with the windows down, and listen to your car. And always keep your regular check-up appointments with us here at EAS. We may be able to spot a potential problem and get it fixed before you get stranded.

Engine Warning Lights and Computer Diagnostics

Today’s cars have numerous computer-controlled systems to alert owners when service is required.  Sometimes a warning light indicates something that is a simple, quick fix or it may be a more complex problem.

When those warning lights come on in your BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper, never depend on just any auto service center. Use only an authorized Bosch service center like EAS to assure you are getting the proper factory diagnostics with equipment and tools that analyze those warning lights.

Our team of technicians has experience and authorized training in properly diagnosing the problems, and then getting your BMW, Mercedes, or Mini Cooper repaired correctly and you back on the road.

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