Selecting the Right Replacement Tires

One of the most important aspects of your German import car’s handling is the tires. The tires are how your car communicates the handling and steering function of your car so that you get that special handling that you love.  

This is why it is so important to get the proper size and types of tires for your BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Mini Cooper. Here at EAS, we recommend you call us or come by to learn more and discuss tire options for your specific vehicle. We have a long-standing reputation for tire service and sales, and can assist you in selecting the right tires while saving you money, too. No matter your driving style, from the conservative daily driver to the spirited fun-on-the-run driver, we’ll make sure you get the proper tires.

The Art of 4 Wheel Alignment

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your German import car properly aligned. Proper alignment is important for good drivability, safe handling, keeping the tires in good condition, and overall reliability.  

The alignment to a German import is complex and the team at EAS understands those complexities. Our team of technicians are trained on BMW, Mercedes and Mini Cooper cars. We have long-standing relationships with multiple leading suppliers of German import parts to assure your car is getting factory authorized parts.  

Servicing the alignment of a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Mini Cooper is a mechanical “art” using specific technical skills. Never trust your German import to just any auto shop. That’s why you should turn to a service center like EAS where you know you’ll get comprehensive knowledge and experienced technicians on the suspension dynamics of your car.

Jump Starting Your German Import is Tricky

Most German import car owners do not realize that jump starting your car yourself, or using an inexperienced service provider, could cost thousands in electronic repairs. The black box (aka computer controls), the Navcom/GPS system, stereo, even the security system can be damaged from an unexpected power surge.

If you find yourself with a dead battery in your German import, don’t just ask a neighboring car owner for a jump. Call EAS, an experienced, reliable Bosch authorized service center if your car won’t start. Your car may need a new battery or further diagnosis.

EAS is a highly qualified independent repair center for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini Coopers. We know how to check a German import car battery and how to jump start it if needed without causing thousands of dollars damage to the electrical system. So call EAS first.   

The ’72 BMW 3.0 CS Coupe Is Aging Better Than Us

(Reprinted from Road & Track online magazine)

BMW put everything it knew in the early 1970s into the 3-liter coupe. With its twin-carb 170 horsepower straight-six engine and independent suspension with MacPherson struts, the 3.0 CS could accelerate to 60 in under eight seconds. Yet it came even more alive at highway speeds, taking care of the curves as well in true sports car fashion.

Its stunning body was built by Karmann, and that’s what made Tom McComas of Indiana fall in love with his ’72 four-speed in the first place. After getting hooked on BMWs thanks to a friend’s motorbike, he had to delay his purchase by a few hours due to his wife going into labor on their way to the dealership. They eventually returned to buy this blue 3.0 CS, which has been with the family ever since, sharing the garage with a 1985 M6, a 1992 325i convertible and two BMW motorcycles. He says it’s pointless to describe the driving experience.

Check out the video at
EAS president/owner Kurt Krans also owns ’72 3,0 coupe, which he purchased in 1986 and recently had restored.  You can see Kurt’s 3.0 Coupe up close and personal, as it’s displayed inside EAS near the newly remodeled EAS customer lounge.  

BMW: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

There is a lot said about the Germans, but when it comes to automotive engineering, it is hard to dispute that they know how to build a car. At European Autospecialist (EAS), we know this firsthand. We’ve been servicing BMWs for more than 34 years. The BMW is the best example of that engineering. They have an attention to detail that surpasses all others. They work hard at designing and manufacturing, and with their single-minded determination, turn out a great car every time.

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