The Mini Cooper – Compact but Powerful

The Mini Cooper of today is in the generation that was released in 2009 and as its predecessors, it is a high performance sports car. It offers us 2 body styles, both of which are big winners. Staying true to tradition, the two rear barn doors are still present with the passenger side front door having rear hinged half door art.

Fast and Fun – The Mini Cooper

There have been massive changes with the Mini Cooper over the last few years that have taken the iconic car from the sixties and brought it up to what is now a class leading sports car ride. While it is still called a compact car and has kept the style that Mini is known for, it is a spacious vehicle even by today’s standards.

When It’s Time To Sell, How To Get The Most From Your European Car

There are a few of us that buy cars and keep them forever, special cars like a classic Mini Cooper. However, the majority of us buy a car, drive it awhile and then grow tired of it, or just simply want not necessarily a new car, just something different. We like to think that when we buy a car, it will bring what we paid for it, if not more. That is possible if you have taken excellent care of the car.

What Is A Run Flat Tire And Why Would I Want Them?

In the 1930s, Michelin designed a tire they called the Run Flat Tire as the answer to overcome the many blow outs that car owners were having. They then became the tire of choice for the military because of that durability and were known to be semi-bullet proof as well. Eighty years later, automobile owners are just as dependent on these tires as they were then, especially owners of BMW in particular.

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