The Most Popular BMW – The 3 Series

For the person that is looking for European craftsmanship, design and engineering, the BMW 3 Series is what they need. It is not just a compact car that offers you a sporty feel and look, but it is just as fully
loaded with luxury as all the other BMWs.

The Mercedes Benz Is Class With Many Styles

Anyone who knows Mercedes-Benz knows that Karl Benz was the creator of this first petrol-powered car and that it was patented in 1886. The true Benz lover and owner will know as much about the history of this luxury car as the person who loves classical music knows of Bach and Beethoven.

Driven to Excellence

In 1888, with her husband’s confidence in his newly constructed Patent Motorwagen failing, Bertha Benz decided to take her sons Richard and Eugen on a car trip to visit their mother.

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