Dispelling BMW Maintenance Myths Continued

We’re continuing in our series of dispelling myths that have cropped up about BMW maintenance and service.

Myth: BMW cars are so high-end that they don’t need maintenance

Truth: While BMWs are magnificent examples of high-end automotive engineering made from top of the line parts and materials, they are still mechanical objects subject to the same wear and tear that all automobiles are. Your car’s systems need to be checked every so often to make sure they are running in good condition.

If you’re buying a new luxury car every few years this won’t be such an issue for you, but for everyone else it’s a good idea to bring your BMW into a specialist for maintenance. Most people wait until there is a problem before they bring their car to a technician. Most major repair problems can be avoided with good routine maintenance. It’s always a good idea to get a good understanding of your vehicle so you know the first signs of a problem and when you’re supposed to schedule a regular maintenance check.

Myth: Car Technicians all learned from the same schools and use the same standards, so a specialist isn’t needed.

Truth: While the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence is certainly the standard for auto repair, European car service requires an altogether different strategy to maintenance. Any auto repair center needs highly trained technicians, but that certification doesn’t always include BMW specific information systems. Nor does it give the mechanics BMW specific training or experience. Many mechanics
have received their training and education from the same schools, but some move on to take specialized training and advanced courses. And in the case of a car like a BMW, specialization matters.

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