Dispelling Myths About BMW Maintenance

Servicing a BMW is different than servicing other cars. Don’t let a non-specialist tell you it isn’t. Car systems differ, and the differences between regular and European car systems is particularly large.

For example BMW cars only use synthetic oil, and there is a big difference in the timing belt system. These differences mean you need to go to a specialist who understands the unique systems of these vehicles. But a lot of myths about BMW service have grown over in recent years and we’d like to dispel some of them here on this blog as we go move forward.

Myth: BMW specialist service is more expensive than generic car repair because they are “specialized.”
Truth: When it comes to anything that involves you spending money, you need to consider the value you get for that money. Sure, if you go to a non-specialized mechanic the initial price could be lower, but chances are a non-specialized mechanic won’t be familiar with your BMW’s systems, and they can inadvertently cause more problems than they fix. This leaves you with a higher overall cost, to say nothing of the inconvenience of having your car in the shop that much.

But with specialized BMW maintenance you are certain that the maintenance is specific to your vehicle. BMW specialists use state of the art technology along with years of relevant BMW auto repair experience to make an expert diagnosis of the problem and avoid a Band-Aid solution that leads to more problems than it fixes. You’ll almost always end up cutting costs in the long run by seeing a BMW specialized mechanic. Also, a BMW specialist is aware of the requirements necessary to keep your warranty intact. A non-specialist may accidentally void your warranty with their service.

Stay tuned to this blog for more myths about BMW maintenance that we’ll shed the light of truth
on in the future.

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