Happy Trails …

After graduating from OSU, I moved to Tulsa and purchased my first BMW.  I did not realize then that car would have life-long significance.

My first jobs, starting with working at an independent BMW repair shop, would encompass different elements of a business, for example; production and inventory control clerk, quality control inspector and manager, and shipping clerk at other companies.

While I enjoyed my jobs, I always asked myself, “How are these jobs contributing to my long-term professional destiny?” All this while enjoying my BMW.

In 1977, I was hired as an industrial engineer and eventually section manager at McDonnell-Douglas. After taking my position, liking aircraft as much as BMWs, I felt I had achieved my destiny and childhood dream to work for an aircraft manufacturer. But I also was diagnosed with an aggressive melanoma skin cancer, and dealing with it led me to many life realizations. Since we spend most of our lives at work, we should do something we enjoy and are passionate about.

So, I asked myself some important questions. I realized all the jobs I had held were individual job functions of a good business, and that daily job satisfaction and the joy of doing a job that you really enjoy is critical to physical and mental health.

My answer was my BMWs and the pleasure they gave me. At that point I determined the local BMW import repair and service market was woefully underserved. In 1982 I went into business to fulfill the market void that existed. I formed my business on the same principle that I always live by, the Golden Rule.

Driven by our dedication to our customer’s satisfaction, one job at a time, has proven to be good for us and our customers. Staying focused and doing what I really enjoy each day has made 35 years fly by. I am truly the one of the luckiest men in the world to have had this successful business life. I will always be grateful to our customers for trusting EAS with their automobiles.

Fifteen years ago I established a goal for myself. By the time I celebrate my 65th birthday, I should sell my business to someone who would continue the European Autospecialist dedication to customer satisfaction.

I have achieved my objective. My very long-time friend and Operations Manager, Jerry Boysel will be assuming the ownership and operation of the business. Our crew will remain the same. Nothing will really change. The transition will be seamless, as Jerry has been the person that everyone has been dealing with for 7 years at the front counter.

Finally, if you see me, just honk and wave.  I will be the old guy, driving around town in my silver ’72 BMW 3.0cs or the orange 2002Tii, in full retirement.

Kurt Krans

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