How To Budget For Preventive Maintenance

One of the principles of automotive repairs is that you should budget 3-5% of the car’s original cost each year for repairs and service — the more expensive the car is to begin, the more expensive it is to repair.  Fram’s famous tagline should have really been “Pay me now, or pay me a LOT more later.”

With regular oil changes and inspections, we can keep a close eye your vehicle’s systems.  We often note items that need service in the future on your Repair Order, so you can plan your maintenance accordingly.

One example is brake wear.  We may note that your brakes are down to 20% of their pad life on your disc brakes.  You could schedule maintenance soon, or dismiss it for a month or two until the brakes start squeaking or grinding a lot.  That can change a $300-500 job into a $1,000-1,500 repair very fast.

These cars have sophisticated warning and monitoring systems for all kinds of engine and component parameters.  When a warning light comes on, give EAS a call right away.  It might be something as simple as a loose connection, but it might also be more serious.

EAS uses only factory-approved advanced diagnostic tools and parts to make sure your car stays on the road and not in the shop.

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