Keeping Cool in the Summertime

How you handle your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Mini Cooper during the hot summer months could have serious consequences on how how well your car will perform when winter arrives. The highly qualified technicians at European Autospecialist want to give you some reminders on operating your European car this summer.

As you motor down the road enjoying your summer, especially when the temps top 100 degrees, if you notice the heat gauge climbing up or the warning light comes on, pull over immediately and call EAS. This is an indication that the cooling part of your BMW, Mercedes or Mini isn’t working properly. By continued driving, you can possibly be causing damage to the motor that will be expensive to repair or may even require replacing it.

Here’s an interesting operating tip. When you first start your BMW, Mercedes or Mini on a hot summer day, make sure the AC is turned off which makes is less stressful while starting your engine. Let the motor run for a brief spell, maybe 20-30 seconds, then turn the AC on to its maximum setting to cool your interior down.

Now, once it has cooled the interior sufficiently, turn the unit down to a lower setting to keep it cooled. The lower temp will actually keep it cooler than keeping it on full blast the whole time you’re driving.

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